Asphalt Driveways Port Kembla Prices in NSW

At Asphalt Experts, we understand that an important consideration is the price of your driveway or parking lot.

To install Asphalt in the Port Kembla area, costs can range from $5000 for small areas up to $20,000, depending on the area sizes and the materials used.

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Areas in Port Kembla for driveway paving 

Asphalt Experts Pty Ltd provides paving services throughout Port Kembla. We cover all metro areas in Port Kembla as well as outer suburbs of rural NSW.

Home owners in rural communities trust in our driveway installation services.

Asphalt driveways Port Kembla

Asphalt Experts has been providing quality road construction services in Port Kembla for over 10 years. Whether you own a business in Port Kembla or you need a private car park or driveway, we can help.

Bitumen driveway Port Kembla

When it comes to bitumen driveways, our team has done some of the best bitumen driveway projects around New South Wales. Including driveways in rural areas made from bitumen.

Asphalt driveways Central Coast

Central Coast is a newly sprawling area in NSW. We do provide superior asphalt solutions for Central Coast home owners and business owners alike.

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Asphalt driveways cost - Port Kembla’s Prices Explained

The average driveway would cost cost around $5000 in the Port Kembla area. Most homeowners fall into the range of $5000 to $20000, to give an indication of average prices.

Below we will discuss the factors that can affect the price of your asphalt driveway project in Port Kembla further:


Asphalt Installation Price Factors

While the average cost for asphalt driveways is relatively low, there are several factors that can affect the final price for any project involving this material, specifically if homeowners are laying down a new driveway. The following list outlines some of these common factors that can impact asphalt paving costs.

Material Cost:

Factors such as freight, the current market price, and fuel surcharges all impact the raw price of material used for your parking lot or driveway.

Drainage and other additions: the life of any paved surface improves with proper drainage.

Base Coat: At minimum, plan on two coats, base and top, for any job. The higher the material quality and the more time spent on the base, the longer the life of the paved surface will be. This costs $1-$2.50 per square foot.

Specialized Top Coats and Sealants: General top coats and sealants cost between $1-$2.50 per square foot.

Special features such as chip seal and stamped or colored topcoats add another $3-$5 per square foot.

Excavation and Clearing: If no current surface exists, workers need to make sure there is adequate room for the new pavement.

Foundation: Installing 8-10 inches of gravel below the asphalt is necessary for drainage. This can add on $1-$2.50 per square foot of surface area.

Asphalt driveways cost per square metre

The cost for asphalt driveways Port Kembla can range from $25.00 AUD per square meter to $55.00 per square meter. 

This depends on the thickness of asphalt required as well as how much preparation is needed for the area.

Asphalt driveways pros and cons

One of the tradeoffs with asphalt is that you should seal it every few years for proper maintenance, while concrete is essentially maintenance-free.

On the flip side, because asphalt is a petroleum product, it is more flexible and less susceptible to cracking than concrete. It is often used in car parks and tarmac jobs. Bitumen pavement contractor

Asphalt driveway vs bitumen paving

Asphalt can also get hot in the summer. Bitumen may be more suitable for country estate driveways that are very long. As bitumen is a more affordable material, you can enjoy cost savings by choosing a bitumen driveway. Consider these and other factors to help decide whether or not asphalt is a good choice for your driveway.

Blacktop sealer is also available for bitumen roads.

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